Investing in Bitcoin: My Lessons From 3 Missed Opportunities

• The article is about the author’s journey of finally investing in Bitcoin after passing on it three times.
• He found out about Bitcoin from a colleague and the more they talked, the more he became interested in it.
• The author shares the key lessons he learned along this journey which are worth sharing with anyone who is still doubting BTC.

The Inception

The author started his first full-time job at an online brokerage back in 2011, where he made a friend named Edgar who was passionate about investments, technology and progress of the financial world. One day, Edgar’s Skype status was some sort of gibberish that looked like a cat had been walking over his keyboard – it was actually a Bitcoin address. During their smoke session, Edgar passionately explained what the whole Bitcoin thing is all about and got the author extremely interested in it.

Doubting BTC

Despite being interested, the author doubted whether or not Bitcoin could be more than just some fly-by-night scheme as there were many online scams and fake products like e-gold that seemed similar to it. Additionally, 2012 was probably his worst year financially so investing wasn’t an option for him yet.

Researching More

As time passed by, he kept researching more into bitcoin to really understand its potential but due to its complexity and lack of trust in those early days, he decided against investing in it twice more until 2017 when its value skyrocketed and got everyone’s attention – including his own once again.

Finally Investing

After thoroughly examining its potential this time around and seeing how much recognized players were getting involved with it (such as Microsoft), he decided to invest in bitcoin for himself too – despite knowing that investing isn’t free from risks – this time believing that if something can make such a huge impact on the world then it must be worth taking a chance on.

Lessons Learned

The key lesson here is that research should always come before making any kind of investment decision – even if you have doubts; especially if you have doubts! Another lesson is to never pass up on opportunities that could potentially change your life forever – because you never know when they will come back around again nor when they will go away for good! Lastly, believe in yourself enough to take chances and seize opportunities whenever they present themselves!