Buy TCRV Tokens Now: Tradecurve Presale Outshines Axie Infinity & Polygon!

• Tradecurve’s presale has become an instant success with massive growth potential.
• Axie Infinity (AXS) is losing its positive growth momentum after launching on the App Store.
• Polygon (MATIC) has partnered with Taurus to provide support for tokenization of physical assets.

Tradecurve’s Successful Presale

Tradecurve recently launched their presale which was an immediate success. Analysts have put it above AXS and MATIC due to its potential for massive growth, making it a great investment opportunity for crypto investors.

Axie Infinity’s Momentum Lost

When tech giant Apple launched Axie Infinity’s game, Origins, on its App Store, the value of AXS jumped 12% within 24 hours. However, since then the price of AXS has dropped by 15%. To prevent this from continuing further, Axie Infinity (AXS) has announced Competitive Axie Grants that will offer more opportunities to their community members.

Polygon Partners with Taurus

In order to capitalize on the popularity of tokenizing physical assets, Polygon (MATIC) linked up with Geneva-based digital asset infrastructure provider Taurus in order to provide support to financial institutions and large companies for staking and DeFi operations. Though this partnership is expected to boost Polygon’s performance in the market, its price continues to move southward for multiple weeks now – currently trading at $0.90 after dropping 7% in a month.

Tradecurve Platform Overview

Tradecurve has introduced a revolutionary trading platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies, OTC derivatives, equities, Forex and more all on one single platform – making it a unique offering compared to other players like Binance, Deepcoin and Hotcoin Global. This platform also offers advanced features such as margin trading and leverage trading which gives traders more control over their investments as they are able to maximize their returns while minimizing risks associated with volatility swings in prices.


The crypto world is highly competitive with new technologies constantly emerging so investors must always be on the lookout for big investment opportunities like Tradecurve which offers great potential for growth despite the bearish winds affecting other tokens such as Axie Infinity (AXS) and Polygon (MATIC).