1 Million Players Earn Real Bitcoin Through Bitcoin Miner Game

• Bitcoin Miner, developed by Fumb Games and ZEBEDEE, has achieved the milestone of over one million players.
• The game rewards players with real bitcoin, making it an easy entry point into the world of cryptocurrency.
• ZEBEDEE’s Bitcoin payments platform enables game creators to easily implement programmable bitcoin payments using simple APIs.

Bitcoin Miner Reaches One Million Players

Bitcoin Miner, a game developed by mobile gaming studio Fumb Games in collaboration with ZEBEDEE, has achieved the milestone of over one million players. Most of these players had never owned bitcoin before but were able to earn real bitcoin simply by playing the idle game.

Rewards System Onboards New Users Into Crypto Sphere

The rewards system offered by Bitcoin Miner is proving to be a great way for onboarding new users into the world of cryptocurrency. The game requires no prior crypto knowledge and serves as an educational tool at the same time due to its accessible gameplay concept combined with real bitcoin rewards.

ZEBEDEE Powers Bitcoin Payments Platform

The payments platform powering Bitcoin Miner is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and enables any game or app creator to implement programmable bitcoin payments using simple APIs. It removes the need for game makers to worry about any technical Bitcoin issues or complications as they can simply fund a game wallet which facilitates all transactions for them.

Fulfilling Vision For Founders

The founders Paul West (Fumb Games) and Ben Cousens (ZEBEDEE) are delighted that their vision is coming true with successful projects like Bitcoin Miner which are not only introducing casual players into digital asset economy but also resonating well with them due to its ease-of-play approach.


Bitcoin Miner has become a great way for non-tech-savvy users to learn about bitcoin in a way that feels natural and simple whilst also earning real money in return. With over one million players already onboarded onto this journey, it’s safe to say that this project has been successful in achieving its objective of onboarding more people into cryptocurrency space without requiring much technical knowhow from them beforehand!